Loco over Hershey’s Choco

I was literally dragging myself to work today (January 12, 2012): the pain in my right knee was getting more and more unbearable. But I had to report for work so I could meet with our company nurse regarding reimbursements for medical consultation and medicines. Other than this, my mind was far from “work mode” as it is. By lunch time, I made up my mind to go to New World Diagnostics to have my tests as the doctor recommended.

On my way to the jeepney stop, I thought of passing by 7-Eleven to buy some breath fresheners.

Once there, I saw the Hershey’s dispenser serving French Vanilla Cappuccino and Choco Loco. I ordered a small cup of French Vanilla, only to find out that they ran out. So I opted for Hershey’s Choco Loco instead.

The choice was a Godsend: I felt much, much better. I remembered reading about how chocolate can help re-energize and stimulate one’s senses. No wonder, women, in particular, love chocolate! Somehow, my earlier feeling of discomfort and pain melted away with just one hot cup of Hershey’s Choco Loco. It also egged me on to go back to work in spite of my physical condition.

For those of you who have not yet tried hot chocolate at 7-Eleven, I suggest you should: like me, it would surely make your day!


2 thoughts on “Loco over Hershey’s Choco”

  1. I can still vividly recall the sensation of getting an instant “high”, that I felt so relieved and ready to face anything, right after finishing my hot cup of Choco Loco. Addicting perhaps? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure helped me get through that day much, much better.

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