Music Tutorial Anyone?


My wife of sixteen years – Teacher Tina – as she is fondly called by her music students, has been teaching piano, guitar, and voice lessons since 2001. Since then, she has had more than twenty students, with new students enrolling this year (2016). Her piano lessons, as well as guitar lessons, cater to beginners, intermediate, and advanced students. She has also successfully organized three music recitals since 2013. Students particularly get hooked to her teaching style – motherly yet firm, understanding and yet demanding, inspiring and yet down-to-earth. Piano/guitar pieces range from movie soundtracks, pop music, including K-pop, New Age, jazz, as well as standard piano pieces from classical music. Students’ age range from as young as six years old up to the early twenties.


According to a TIME article, active participation and meaningful engagement with a musical instrument stimulate changes in the brain. “Our results support the importance of active experience and meaningful engagement with sound to stimulate changes in the brain.” Much as we want our children to improve in their academic performance, learning to play a musical instrument actually helps children – and even older students – to develop their brains.

Below are several photos of previous music recitals and rehearsals with Teacher Tina and her students, together with their parents.











Teacher Tina, by the way, still welcomes interested students. You may call her at mobile 63929 3827733 or send her a personal message at


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